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Who is Cloud Nine Furniture Co?

We are a company that wants to do good by offering beds and bedding that is not only comfortable and supportive, but also good for you and the planet. We are passionate about our own health and want others to benefit from getting the right sleep. We represent like-minded companies who value and care about using sustainable healthy materials in things you use for a third of your life.


What do we do?

We are purveyors of all natural beds, bedding and more.

1) we sell our own Dunlop latex mattresses and toppers

2) we are partners with like minded brands that make stunning bed systems, including solid wood bed frames.

3) we have designs of our own solid wood bed frame and can help design a custom bed

Our bed system partners:

CBH Wood Furniture, makers of the Balancer Das Original bed system 

Relax Natural Living, makers of Relax 2000 and Naturform bed system

Our bedding brands partners are:

Dream Designs, makers of Organic cotton sheets, pillows, shower curtains

Snug Sleep, makers of Organic wool duvets, wool toppers and pillows

Living Edge Design, makers of premium furniture


Why buy a new mattress, bed system or bedding from Cloud Nine Furniture?

Great Question! We are more than a company just selling you a mattress or bedding; we want you to experience a bed that is as good for you as it is for the planet. It’s why we use the materials we do. A bed plays an intimate part in your life, and we believe it to be as important as the food you eat. We have our own mattress line and also offer true European designed bed systems that use only natural materials. We know there are plenty of companies that sell comfortable mattresses but believe beds need to be made with sustainable natural materials that are both good for you and the planet. See our Green Material page to learn about the materials we use. We back everything we say with international eco-certifications. Why don’t we sell ‘normal’ mattresses like the big name brands? Where are the metal coils, the memory foam, and specialty air mattress toppers? Most big name bedding customers still rely on synthetics, chemicals, and toxic fire retardants to build their products. Do your research, call or email us with any questions. We are passionate about what you sleep on and love talking about it!


Where are our beds and bedding made?


Cloud Nine Furniture Co. : Squamish, British Columbia

Forest Mattresses: Delta, British Columbia

CBH Wood Furniture: Pleasant Villa, New Brunswick

Relax Natural Living: Salzburg, Austria

Dream Design: Burnaby, British Columbia

SnugSleep: North Vancouver, British Columbia

Living Edge Design: Duncan, British Columbia


Do we offer custom bed frames?

Yes, we love design work and can build on your custom concept. Design matters… just send us an inquiry! See our premium bed designs for ideas.


What is a bed system?

A bed system is more than just a mattress. It is multiple layers of components that work together with all natural materials to give you the best sleep possible.


Are our mattresses and bedding really that healthy?

Yes, yes and yes! From top to bottom, we are committed to sourcing the healthiest materials, from the greenest sources. The certifications each brand carries is an assurance that we are using the right stuff.


Here’s where rubber hits the road.

It’s obvious we are going to tell you how good we are. What else are we supposed to do or say? The first thing we tell people is not to just research mattresses and bed companies but to research what makes up the best materials and ask lots of questions.  Consult unbiased websites such as 

Many review sites are affiliated with the agency you are shopping at so the reviews are filtered/curated/not unbiased/slanted/etc. It is difficult to see through all the noise, but the truth is out there if you’re willing to look for it. We want you to love your new bed and bedding so you can brag to all your family and friends. We pride ourselves on the fact that our customers become our best ambassadors.